My name is Chris, and I am going to launch a product-based startup in 2015.

I’ve never done this before. Right now, I don’t have any cofounders. I don’t know who my customers will be. I don’t have a product in mind, or even know which industry I’m going to disrupt.

That will all come later.

What I have now is motivation, tech skills, some time that I’ve cleared in my schedule, lots of support from friends and family, and one other thing…


I won’t be doing this alone.

I’m going to get help with most of the missing pieces listed above with help from a program called Startupify. There are lots of things that I really like about this program, and I’ll try to write about them all eventually.

But for now, let’s take a look at this short snippet from the front page of their website:

We take no equity in our companies… To ensure a sales and revenue focus, we take a revenue share on the first $1M in revenue, then we’re gone. We build companies we believe can earn their first dollar within 60 days and have a clear line of sight to that first $1M in revenue.

Let’s see what goodies are contained in these three short sentences:

  • I don’t have to give up any equity
  • They’re as motivated about sales as I am, since that’s how they get paid
  • Specifically,
    • we’re aiming for early sales…
    • …and also big sales

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.